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I walk in my pathless sky, In my own voice do I sing the choir, and in this windy blow I am passing through the vapours of ice in the sky, mist gathers on my face, snow covers me at each stage, and I find my heart throbbing a voice, as I find my path in the aimless walk of mine, I gather enormous heartfelt joys, as I succeed in understanding my aim in life, all it happened possible while me diving in my meaningful belief, that I could find my direction, through the silence and warm air of this sky"

Clouds and Sun!

Green grass where I and my exercise books find solace, peace of inner nerves, this is the place, where we find sun filling in us real heat, and leaving it in our possession. It's now up to both of us, about how we generate, learning's from either side. Books interacting, enriching my emptiness of mind, with new term and theories, I celebrate this cloudy afternoon with birds, who wait for the sun to take charge, and go on listening to the interaction of my books with my soul.

Artistic Surajkund!!

The web of colors surfaced the area of, 'Surajkund Mela'. Crafts became evident to buzz the air, the surrounding, with richness the rural soil could abide. A latent dream shields upon the paintings, I say I also want to draw this line, dance like the folk of Assam, and swing my belly in the suits of girls hailing from 'Uzbekistan'. Tapovan, a world heritage site for open air art display adds much to delight. Theatre enthusiasts carve the abilities to reach hearts of viewers, adding to the affluence of the stones that lay. We walked, felt the natural touch and felt the sun with its vibrancy, the real joys that reveal after cold temperatures past countable weeks. The 'Suraj' lets us get connected through its vast reaching heat to feel the colours of our cultural heritage. Later on, we reached the 'Kund', steep, long steps we could see, sans water any how, but an architecture of the times of 'Mahabharata', where 'Draupadi', used to take a…

My delight, my life!"

I want to sit in eternal silence, and sing mouth watering melodies, arising from deep within, the equations of love and priceless joys. In the seasons of our existence , let's recreate our room of affluence, that we together climb with truest delights, the connection of my heart and this life, this body, is beautifying the angry men to lovely creatures with flower blooms and a girls sight.

Leisure Times with flowers

"at little a times, my dreams sing essential rhymes, of flower men distributing the aroma of the real essence, of mighty flowers suiting the taste of the true lovers, the lovers of nature range from little children to old men, the gift of vast territories they experience, because God has enriched much for pleasure, if we have dealt with true dreams and enhance a time of majestic leisure with flowers, we shall fall in love with this world and our life"