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Friday, 25 March 2016

Snippets of the Mind!—(A Walk Into Your Destiny!) 25/03/2016

9. A Walk Into Your Destiny!

Maybe the walk was conscious enough of its route. That it knew where it was treading, but what about the walk that I carry within of me? Within and outward of me, what difference lies in the "walk" that I talk about? Is this walk of the soul only or is it also about the people who accompany me in this walk?

These questions I ask myself given the fact that most of our day is spent talking to other people. We listen to them, interact with them and understand the world better. So where does the very notion of "soul" step in? I ponder about. But then I get the trick. The trick is that the soul introspects over those thoughts that are talked about with other individuals. Also this brings us back to reality, the connection that is formed amongst the people on ground. Later on we ponder over those thoughts when we are alone and comfortable thinking over them with our innate self, our conscious and subconscious mind.

When we talk to people we can better place ourselves in the picture of the world. It is only after knowing the reality side of life that we can club together the imaginative side of it. Imaginations cannot alone bring us to our dreams, we have to make them reality and to make that happen we have to know the reality. Okay, take for example: consider that you are a wedding planner and your client expects a very lavish wedding at a Palace like setting. So how would you be able to bring that dream of the client to existence? By going out and talking out your ways with the authorities that own such Palace like setting or place or farm. You have to step into reality to make your dreams realise. Dreams won't materialise by just merely pondering about them, their pro's and con's and not taking actions. This thought or idea is applicable everywhere in our lives. Isn't it? Just take any instance in your mind, and you realise it is true. 

The catch is to listen to yourself, your fear, your speculations and keep on pushing yourself forward or call it "by motivating yourself". If you really want to achieve your dream, then BELIEVE and work for it. Your dream awaits you, but there would be challenges and that is what makes your journey real and worth every effort and learning. Celebrate your dreams, they await you at the finishing line of making them yours!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Snippets of The Mind! (21/03/2016)


What is this emotion? Why is this emotion?

Why am I not behaving normal, and what is being normal?

Such thoughts come to my mind time and again. I feel incomplete yet I don't want to make efforts to bring things in order. I just wish to breathe free but I cannot—that is what problematises the situations for me further. I like this order of things, i.e., no order at all. All haphazard like, and nothing definite about life in my sight. 

I think Meditation can make things easier for me. I think I need not think too much and not go diverse ways, but at this age I cannot be so logical. Or even if I need to be, I don't want to be. I want to explore the reaches of my being, I wish to see diverse regions and search what is the best for me. 

I wish to see what I see in the wild pictures, I wish to roam around the places which make me wonder, and I want to be of help to those who are far away or nearer to me. Distance doesn't only interest me, it is the very idea of exploration which does. Whether nearer or farther I would like to live wholeheartedly. 

"I would like to know her better, I would like to hear her views about this world and then finally I would hold her in my memories. We would be good friends, and this journey of making friends, making acquaintances would continue time and again."

What I find very problematic is the very thought of getting stagnant and not moving. I think moving on in life is really a fulfilling decision and experience. It opens the gates of learning for a person.

Passion, zeal are the words that define the life of this traveller that I ought to become. Being a traveller I not only mean going to places, meeting people but I also mean to enhance my skills at what I am best at by spending time with myself, contemplating all my lessons of daily life. I should keep on growing and be everlasting (or even try to), and not lose midway in the crossroads of life. 

I have to keep moving and see a better person out of myself everyday. For that would mean success to me, eventually! And to drink that bit of success everyday is what fulfils the soul with beautiful pearls and enchanting ornaments. 

A Traveller

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More or less
Less or more
Deeply you interpret
Whatever love said

Slight or more
More or slight
You paint vision
Your light

There is a volcano
There is a mountain
There is a wall
There is an instrument

You see them
You admire them
You live them
Then you leave

Walk goes long
You go breathless
The walk carries

You find your shadow
Tall figure acquaints
You smile, you fall
On the sands

It is you
Only you
No one else
You breathe

You die
A happy death

Sunday, 6 March 2016

My watchful eyes for you

I think I had known you,
Even before I heard your voice 
for the first time-
I think I had seen you

When I say, I had seen you-
I never mean that I saw your face,
What I mean is, that I felt 
your touch,
in the pearls of wisdom
which generated in my heart,
whenever I sat alone or was lost,
I found you sitting next to me.

In my good times-
you were my companion,
In my bad times-
you were my optimism,
For, companions can often
support us in following
a wrong path- where we are treading,
but optimism would connect us,
to humanity.

I had to figure out
right or wrong,
I had to figure out
who I was?
And your presence
gave me all answers,
helping me form a bond with you,
a bond that is faceless, 
yet has the most breath-taking persona,
a face I try to find through the light
and resonance of the winds,
in this fast moving world,
I long to meet you,
and tell you that I respect you the most;
and searching you,
I fall in love with every voice,
every person, every day.

Maybe I can meet that companion,
who is also an optimist,
and is my lover
from the time I was born;
I look back, I look in the present,
and a peaceful slumber kisses my soul to rest,
only to dream about you further on..

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Snippets of the Mind (3/03/2016)


There are those moments in life when I want things to fix but it appears that things are immovable. I feel lost, I feel like I am powerless; devoid of any energy to go beyond. There is a lot of work that I long to do; there is a lot to perform, to achieve in life. So much so that the thirst or call it passion does  not disappear into anywhere. It just comes up, it just makes me stronger but guess what I lose on the part of life where I have to actually move things. At the same point, it is not that I am unsuccessful fully—all that happens is, that somewhere or the other I am adding to the river, droplets of my toil.

This toil is towards my dream, a dream that I see and have been seeing for a long-long time. For me people become barriers and they appear immovable to me—but that is how life is I feel. Maybe they are the forces who make this life worthwhile. They are the ones who bring as much energy to me, as much strength to me—that later on in life I would be prepared to stand the test of times. I will stay with all my energies, to take on even bigger challenges in life.

Moreover everyone works hard in life—sometimes they are not smart enough to stead their own ways and sometimes luck sits besides them ever strong and consistent that they go on achieving the best in their lives. Well even if luck works once, it cannot work again and again; the time is a teacher. It is obedient, it is fairer and the same for all.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Snippets of the Mind! (02/03/2016)


There are commitments in life, and then there is commitment in different forms. One is the commitment that we make in personal life, and one if the commitment which we make in the professional life. In my view there needs to be a difference between the two and if two friends are working together, then they need to follow a different relationship at the work-front. 

The next important topic I want to talk about in my article is, values. I think values can't be taught but should be felt. I feel, values need to be there in the real sense of the term; for the goodness and wellness of this world. I feel so!


There needs to be that space within our hearts to accept the other person as one is. Not to completely let that person over rule you, but while you give that space to breathe to the other person, that person should also provide you with that space. It has to be a mutual thing and if it is not, then there is nothing happening right between you. There has to be a creation of that equilibrium that you are seeking to create or build. Work on that if you wish to lead along for long. Otherwise it is very easy to change directions and find our own place in pursuit of happiness. 

Peace is after all the most important thing in life. If you don't get from somewhere then better leave that place for good!


Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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You have to go easy

You have to go easy.
You have to go easy.
The winds pass by you.
You have to hold yourself.
You have to hold yourself.
Don't let yourself fly away.
Don't let yourself fly away.
Remain where your home is,
Don't lose your roots so early.