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Screw Gauge, Fish!

It's been a while for now and I haven't added anything new to my blog after all it's a new year and the very first month. I am writing with a smiling face and cheerful too, remember the "CHeeSE" while we are clicking picture to show our white teethes. The topic of this blog is a bit confusing on the first hand for the reader but believe me, it's been a tension buster for me. Whenever I had stress or if I was annoyed by any task I used to yell, Screw Gauge as we also say fish, to sound it ok to be used even in a gathering. It's not an abuse which are stricken to our tongues, so making our cheap behavior invisible and over our excitements, using simple stanzas which aren't abuses and also are nothing. It's a way of showing our shock. I said, Screw Gauge and people thought if I was sounding senseless, think of a situation when you are talking to your friend and he tells how a girl ditched a boy, which you never expected. SCREW GAUGE, how could that …

Sound of the air!!

It's sweet to listen always to the voice which springs into our thoughts while we are walking the roads which were once accompanied with a loved one, the girl of my dreams. I can leave myself to sense the environment, the rising sun and the fog catching me in it. Nothing else is felt then your aura, which filled me earlier and does keep floating in my dreams. This life of mine talks continuously of your face, lively smile embodied on it. I know not if you remember me or not but my loving you has only increased, and I see you continuously along side me through the roads which we once walked and the one which is new, you remain with me affectionately.

India-Australia Test Match 2012:Day:1,2(Spotlights)

Day-1(S.C.G.)Hello, welcoming you all to the comment segment on the ongoing India-Australia match being played at the Sydney Cricket Ground(S.C.G), scheduled from 3Jan-7Jan, but I suppose the result will be out before the winding up of the 5th day, if conditions in the same fashion prevail about. Indian spectators guaranteed about Sachin scoring his much awaited 100th Test ton, and creating a history in his own segment of new records. But it seems as if the God is making us wait for some more time. He played good shorts but was bowled out after an inside edge of the bat inclined the fast ball's direction on to the stumps, dwarfing the hopes' and heavy aspirations of Indians' but making the Aussie hopes of getting him early accomplished, and Oz were all beneficiary getting whole Indian line up end on 191 all out, except a gentleman, the Captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, remain not out at well played 57 runs. The Australian team lost 3 quick wickets in an array with the cl…

The New Year

The Web Vast ExploringThis time unlike earlier were not many greeting cards' exchanged, whereas the web takes hit, when easily we avail our Christmas presents and the new year greetings, on web. Earlier days our relatives, close friends sent letters by post and those letters had a small message usually, describing about the celebrations and festive season, today we are not that excited to find everything which earlier sent waves of enormous joys, on our e-mail ID's or social networking sites. We have grown more social and have made the web stand as a forum to discuss one's personal views regarding any public matter, and that too can lead to controversies. We are free in a sense to feel the goodness of versatility of social media, our technology has manifested our new born needs, and we all are flowing in the same waves, we are more concerned to put our viewpoints and this is called freedom, starting from "Freedom of Speech".The CelebrationsWorldwide people pray f…