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To the moon and back!

I wish, if I could;
As you would,
Be in love.
Love that was,
Ever present-
That was, forever.

Saying this,
I know;
It's not that,
It ain't possible.
If your love was,
Not for a lifetime;
Mine could be so.

I know, what I say,
I have had a convo,
With my heart.
Regarding your love,
A many greater times.

I found out, that love once,
Would forever be;
Unknown of its boundaries.

I knew, I was a star,
That learnt to shine;
Even with brightness around,
It could stand out.
Not that only in darkness,
The truth prevails;
Of who's yours and not.
It's always the person,
Who remains there.
I know, that you're to me;
In my thoughts, cheer; glee.

Every emotion of mine,
If anyone could sense;
I had no one else,
Than in you that person. I knew, this wasn't for a day,
This was love; the way.

Countless miles.

Those eyes had taken his say,
Her innocent dreams made him,
Her first guy in a relay,
Who could say they weren't lovers?
When they talked their hearts out to either self of them,
They were actually more of companions,
The two people who understood the hearts of either self,
What she said or what he had meant.

The world was but a scarlet dream,
That did shine like a magical beam.
He walked across to her, in order to convey,
That he cared for her being, sitting at the distant abbey.
She knew, he would come running; if need be,
It was such of their wondrous friendship.
He knew, for she would come to him,
When no one else would be her further accompany.

A belief, a sensation of belonging;
Did cluster, did stream.
Oh God, if it was affection,
It was really much supreme.

Both of them, dreamt, danced their passions,
And at the end of the day bid each other nights,
When their days had been differently led,
They would offer love in songs of happiness and grievance;
Yes, sitting at distant shores,
Every poi…


Moonlight touches that road,
the one that is distant, unknown;
Where, no one likes to go,
as that road is narrow, not broad.

Not many can reach there,
it asks for enough understanding;
of its being, and differential reclining,
still, there is beauty to adhere.

One who has the will to see,
those patches in the road can be;
a solitaire in the many gems that line,
oh, the wanderer who reached the sign;
got to learn, of the value of its being,
how life had given yet the wings;
for the wanderer to get that place,
where happiness danced in bounty-in solace.

That link was formed, because there was,
a connect far beyond, those broader roads;
to the one which was narrow, yet lonely,
only the wanderer could reach there in belief;
with the moonlight guiding the path towards,
the magic of the warm breeze and the trees.

"That was friendship.
Connection of a lifetime, all that could be seen."

Love and hay!

Stars did outshine,
In the morning sky;
Beyond the passages,
Visible and wine,
Atmosphere lays,
In utmost essence.

Birds use their pace,
With the winds;
In pictures of grace,
Life that builds.

Enough love to steer,
Enough love to endear.
Life in bloom,
Life that looms;
Enough joys,
Enough portrayal,
Of the wishes that coy,
The world to spells;
Peace, in bondage appears.

Fruitfulness, contentment,
Lingers every hope alive.
Your dreams, my dreams met;
Leading struggles to sublime.

You, not alone; dear traveller,
My road, your roads, converge.
The by-lanes of life revel,
Enough secret, enough realm;
Where we liven, and likewise stem,
In this journey of us all, sense the bells.

A company in oneself

Yet amongst the crowds.
Did the guy his presence.

Amongst the many people,
Who crossed their mazes;
He was staring at their faces,
Desirous to listen to the sounds.
Their expressions did he note,
Their smiles let him in bounds.

Who was he, that he liked to be alone,
Could he not also find in someone,
A company, where he could sing his songs?
Wasn't, an interaction, a way to expression,
Won't being himself be, a treat to the Mansion..?

Yes, thoughts, his mood, his company mattered,
To people whom he could be easy in approach;
Who gave time, to understand his point of views.
In the time being- he expressed to himself,
What he had in himself to brew.