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You're my dream~

I long to be as sweet,
As you are Dearest!
When your eyes,
Would peek into my eyes,
I would find comfort,
Of the greatest value.
I won't ever wish,
You to take off your eyes,
From looking at me.
I long to be as sweet,
As you are Dearest!

Your being is enormous,
Like a fire within of you.
The raging, the settling,
Disputes and difficulties,
Are all there hidden,
Within you, your heart.
Your wisdom adds jewels,
Your dreams cast love,
It's all in your mighty presence,
that I can feel this vibrance.
I just wish to be with you,
As long as the journey,
Let's us be together.
I wish to dream, see life,
long enough a distance,
with you, just you.
Oh, dearest! Don't leave,
my side,
you are my love,
my dreams to me!


Thou Art Magnetic: Dear, summer season!

"Supreme songs of your interests do immerse my soul too, in the nectar of your soothing melodies. The manner your auspicious songs bloom my simple soul, I cherish and dance, with enchanting spirits of a wonderful morning.

I do sit upon, a branch of a well built mango tree, inhaling sound applause of the winds, that give my nostrils, fragrance of premature 'ambi's'(mangoes, in middle stages of growth). The rustle of the leaves, leave upon my so called simple being, an ushering of heavenly incarnation, whereby I start running in the fields, relishing the calibre of the nature, and overjoying to the threshold of my simple temptations"

~Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Photography by- Himanshu Duggal

Who was guilty?

Since last few months, every morning, a drive to college makes me follow a road; a left turn towards Delhi's, Golf Links; a road called, Arch Bishop Macorius Marg! A traffic policeman, strictly stands on duty there; as many people coming from Khan Market nearby don't follow the red light on that particular road. He stops an auto but the auto walla doesn't stop. The traffic policeman follows him on his bike and catches hold of him and gets him a challan. I am particular of that road, because he's always there from morning till afternoon.

Yesterday, I saw him in the news, throwing a brick on a woman driver, it's a shame on his being a policeman. He was to protect, but he was the culprit.
The same evening, I hear that he is no longer a policeman, not even suspended; he got what he deserved, he lost his job. He's sent for 14 days in police custody(jail). The next morning, I read; he makes to the newspaper front page. All National Newspapers have a news on him.

Delhi C…

Few songs of remembrance!

When you would go to the fields,
You would remember the songs,
In winters that we sang, hand in hand.

When the sun rays imbibed a lot of energy,
Wishes and hopes in our minds,
Yes, then we did think alike.
I had been deeply impressed,
By the wisdom of thine eyes, your smile, 
That made the sun kissed atmosphere,
Even more warmer.
It's about the day that I remember,
thine murmurs and the times that we spent,
Hand in hand, in the winter months.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Amazon at its best!

The brand advertisement which really striked me is, Amazon India's recent SUMMER SALE CAMPAIGN. Their hashtag #aurdikhao and#whatteydeal really intrigued me. This is for two reasons, the first one being the usage of a very catchy and also familiar name to Indians, as they go for shopping. This not only represents, the mindset of the customers, but also the people who are the target audience of Amazon in India. The second reason for me liking this campaign is because of its creativity and implementation of their respective idea. They have come up time and again with newer advertisements on television, and those have asked people to do certain tasks in a very politely and affectionately(like given them a task to download the Amazon application on their mobile sets, in order to avail additional discounts and offers). Needless to say, people had started enjoying the advertisements because of the relativism attached to them. People could relate to it, when random people from the crowd …

Love in the air~

I like to get ready,
To visit places;
To interact,
To laugh and giggle. I like to be myself,
When no one stops me,
Of what I like to be.
I like it,
When she tells me;
What all is right for me,
That I overlook.
I like it,
When people inspire me,
With their life stories,
Of dedication and honesty.
I like to look into her soul,
When she is bashful,
To look into my eyes,
Yet she giggles,
Making room for our love,
To prosper and be our guide.
I love it, when she talks,
Of the things she likes,
I like it, when I look within;
My soul and find the answers,
To my living.
I love life,
Thank God for every moment,
You give to live, to breathe. Your lover,

Photography by, Himanshu Duggal. Good Morning! :)

Photography by, Himanshu Duggal
Yes, this serenity; talks to me, 
says to me many a things.
That you love nature,
and that nature loves you,
let me tell you this.
I am looking at the wide garden,
I am longing for your presence,
dearest friend,
visit me sometime,
for I wish you to experience this,
beauty of nature too.

Good morning, have a nice day ahead!
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In my dreamland~

That feeling that fulfils,
That feeling that submits.
Within my heart,
Penetrates the song,
With lyrics, of love and beyond.

My attention is sought,
In my books, in the pen,
With which I write my songs,
Description of my dreams.

Now, as I go further on,
To read the sentences of the poem,
In my exam that comes tomorrow,
A smile invades my cheekbones.

Love, love is all I breathe,
Jolly mood is what I read,
Over the sculptures,
Of my wishes, I prolong,
This walk that I lead on.

Bid me farewell for this night,
I go on reading what is bright,
For my senses to feel their shimmer,
and for my career to learn,
Some very good poetry!
Wish me, happy studying!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Happiness, this journey of Artist Address!

Something, what I wanted to share,
Something, that made me smile,
Yeah, I know not, what was in this number,
Yet, was it capable enough to make me,
all the more cheerful and happy!

I know not,
what happiness like this,
means to me,
but it certainly made me remember,
all the times past I have had,
with this blog that I have maintained,
for five years now!

It gives me immense happiness,
to confess that, I believe half of these views,
have been made by me only.
Yet, the other half has been the love,
of my friends, who have given their time,
to this page by paying it a visit.

I don't know, if this page means anything,
to anyone else than me,
but to me, it's one of the greatest,
support system.
This I say because,
I know, when I am sad or when I am in glee,
I come here, to share;
all my sentimentality!

It is, as if, it's always here with me,
when even the people I called friends,
have parted, because that's the real life,
people have their own dreams, like me,
their own pr…

Her man.

She was confused,
afraid after
hearing him say,
what he said.

She wondered if
he was the same
person, that innocent
boy, her man.

Then why did he
force her into
loving him,
when every action
of hers he tried
to govern?

The next moment
he saw her,
and she had
understood through
his words;
that he was the
same person, her man.

He had said,
"I am glad
you didn't
give heed to my
you're an angel
and I am glad,
I have you in
my life.
This smile of yours,
has fulfilled my love,
your sweetness
has touched my soul.
'I love you', because
that's all I can."

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

A report on the Modi government!

Narendra Damodar Modi, had sworn in as the 15th Prime Minister of India on 26th May 2014. It’s been 11 months as he is in office, and in this time there have been a lot many oratory speeches which he has given all over the world. In addition to his foreign tours, he had also invited the President of the United States Of America, Mr. Barack Obama as the chief guest for the Republic Day celebrations this year. Adding many firsts to his name; he reached to more and more people over the globe, to countries like Australia and Canada amongst others. Wherever he graced his presence, he became the centre of everyone’s attention. So much so, the US President, claimed him one of the most strongest figures in the world and it all added to India’s fame.

At the same time, within all the talks and pride that India felt with his oratory skills, somewhere he lacked the punch. Mr. Modi, didn’t seem to fulfill his promises that he made in his parties’ manifesto, that brought him the seat of the prime …

Few recent works of art!

Wasn't her memory enough to you,
That you visited gardens and parks,
In the awakening of summer days,
Remembering her more and more?

In these summer days, I don't remember her alone,
It is our meeting that brings upon my face the smile,
The smile which is relieving me of all the fears,
She gives me the faith in my songs,
She tells me that she's there with me, in my walks.

It's not only a remembrance alone,
It's the meeting of the sunlight lovers.
Call it under the tree shade,
We look up to the grace and shine of the leaves and the trees.
We celebrate our existence, existence of our love, these fruits around us, beauty it is. 


A wish, A dream~

He: Take all of me, my heart, my dreams as you leave this world.

Give me all your wishes, for I will bring them to light, to reality shall I compose them.

In doing so, I shall meet you again dearest love. In the completion of your wishes, shall sound my peace and satisfaction. It would be the togetherness of us, our bond shall be ne…

On college life!

We come as strangers to each other,
To embark upon friendships, that go on forever. 
We witness ourselves, in this mirror that college shows us,
In the faces of each other, we find our homes.
This dream, called 'college life', brings us,
Nearer to understand ourselves better,
In understanding this society,
For, what is good and what is bad for us,
We learn to make choices!
It is all here that we learn this,
In this college life.
So, let's celebrate these years of friendship,
togetherness and the bond we have shared along. :)

Gagandeep Singh Vaid

On woods and the open skies

The sky is open,
The winds are free,
Thy sight dearest Sun,
Is so heavenly.
Dearest moon, thy lute,
Thine grace be so optimal;
When every appearance of the world,
Is as charming as a pearl,
In its simplicity and attitude,
I find my joys in the residual. I look, I glare my eyes,
Well set upon the symmetric lyre's,
The winds, the blaze sighs,
The conversation of nature wires.
This glance is utmost essential,
This response is fulfilling, I swear.
The hidden patches of my intense,
Glow and find their meanings incense.
For what was unknown is now known,
The tryst to knowledge is likewise sown.
I go on writing, my heart out,
In this rhyming scale, I am found. Life, oh dearest life whisper,
Thine sentimentality, thy wishes,
Shall one day fulfill if thou respect the nature,
Of thine own behaviour,
By respecting the existence,
Of the vivid creations,
Thou shall find company in thine cordial being,
The world would yet again glide,
Rise and entail a new flight,
Of affection, togetherness, that shall spring.
Gagandeep Singh…