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a road and her touch..

Long back on that road did I stay,
Nothing was to utter or to say.
I thought if life was a struggle,
If it was another hurdle.
I walked past the trees,
The heavenly borders, their boundaries.
In the far off land had I come,
I had sipped wine and likewise rum;
In the breeze that resounded chill in fragments,
I was a heavy weight champion in many garments.

With dreams in head, in my walk,
I chalked away all dismay with a throng,
And thought of the girl whom I used to stalk,
To whom I gave my heart, that strong.

Every thing about her that night,
Made me realize, about how I had lived a phase,
When I walked through the darkness and the light,
When life was neither a run nor any race.
When every drop of rain was an anecdote of kindness,
When her very thought brought reminiscence.

It's about and of that girl whom I write,
Who influenced my routine, starting from my diet,
It's she who walks along me, holding my hand today,
It still feels august when I feel her touch,
In the locus of my fancy dreams, I lay!

Pace and swing!

As much as one thought, as much as, one lost pace of mind. The slopes, the steeps, the entire boundaries of the world went for a slide and for an upliftment. Thoughts merely danced, those played their quagmire (dilemma), there was resistance, as was there an atonement (agreement), of what was and what wasn't. There had to be a waiting, there had to be a definite decision to turn the events up and down. Everything had to go on a gala, a swing. Everything had to find peace with the prevailing times. But, it was difficult, really difficult, and it was stress that had to be, without which, success couldn't be brought near ones' route, if not to be guaranteed for that matter. Stress wasn't required, or to be pressed upon to let it into your life. It just came, when you took your road, knowing it was right for you; whereas, you weren't actually aware, about where the path would take you to, no one knew or could know the future in that sense. You had to play …

Fascination and affection!

Priya walked past the lonely pavement in the early morning that very day. She had a plan, well; a plan that was in process from the past one year. Yes, the day had come when her plan was to get fulfilled. In hopes, in aspirations, she came and nearly wanted to hug that tree. The tree that stood tall but the tree that had its leaves cut, its branches were little in comparison to what she had left. For a moment after she could get hang of the situation, for what had become of that, once a tall tree, that had been; she felt bad. But, she knew, it was done most probably by the municipal department, or maybe because people in the residency colony would have got the tree in that shape, after considerable thought, in order to catch the sunlight. Yeah, in winters; that seam of sunlight, falling in rays is the best nourishment to the soul. It sounds so pleasant, she wondered, by herself!

Well, ya; the plan, was it? What. Oh, yeah; plan! She gave a pause, she breathed a breath of …

On being honest!

You can try being the best,
But you may not have all the luxuries in the world for you,
It doesn't mean that you are small or big,
It's just that, you have the winds to feel in the open lands, you have the whole night sky to dine under.
Life is very big, in its actuality.
It doesn't lie in the luxuries that love prevails,
But in the happiness that is seen in a bright smile, while holding on to your loved ones and not leaving them, regardless of how big or small the losses accustom in life. For, love and care is all that matters and are the most beautiful emotions to cater for the time you have in the world with them, your near and dear ones; who matter the world to you.
Time is really less, it moves forth quickly;
Learn to hold every moment and make it special. Be it a moment of pain or sacrifice, own that moment as if it was another page in your life. In the lives of your loved ones, make a mark that even in the falls, memories can be made. The memories that can…

The destiny of love

His eyes could never forget her dazzling persona, as she couldn't forget his shy demeanour. Whenever she walked towards him to talk, he would pretend as if he were a different person. Her expectations to know him by a glance further, mostly craved only dismay as he never gave her a chance to peek through his thoughts, the real thoughts. It wasn't his mistake either that he didn't speak to her, the manner she was willing to speak to him. It was just the way he was, as a person, unable to put his thoughts clear for the other person to contemplate. It was because she felt they connected through the indulgence of their eyes, slowly that was giving form to innumerable ideas and dreams about each other for the two of them. It was the mistake of the person Arun was, that whenever she came nearer, he would unknowingly lose his balance, the control over his speech; he couldn't be himself. For, he had had a miniature fall for a moment.

Arun wanted her to remain …

Answering the dreams..

Tasveer Theatre Group was one of the most famous theatre group of Delhi. The theatre group that mostly took up stage as a means of expression as all the theatre groups did. Presenting both melodrama and the serious topics side by side was in the forte of Tasveer Theatre Group. By serious, it meant that the theatre group hit the righteous chords with the times. As was the society, so was the expression shown on the stage. It wasn't that they took up the same plays always. But, the special factor about this team of theatre artists was the fact that they were ready to practise on new themes and that was what made it different from the others.
Theatre was meant to reach to the audience's taste. To bring fun, frolic, laughter, tears and dreams to one's imaginations. There were many definitions to theatre, that too ranging from person to person. As sincerely, it was the interpretation of life for one person that meant life to that person. Theatre was also practised …