Screw Gauge, Fish!

It's been a while for now and I haven't added anything new to my blog after all it's a new year and the very first month. I am writing with a smiling face and cheerful too, remember the "CHeeSE" while we are clicking picture to show our white teethes. The topic of this blog is a bit confusing on the first hand for the reader but believe me, it's been a tension buster for me. Whenever I had stress or if I was annoyed by any task I used to yell, Screw Gauge as we also say fish, to sound it ok to be used even in a gathering. It's not an abuse which are stricken to our tongues, so making our cheap behavior invisible and over our excitements, using simple stanzas which aren't abuses and also are nothing. It's a way of showing our shock. I said, Screw Gauge and people thought if I was sounding senseless, think of a situation when you are talking to your friend and he tells how a girl ditched a boy, which you never expected. SCREW GAUGE, how could that happen? Silent! At times the person standing in front of you understands your humble nature and doesn't further ask  out the meaning but actually this has no meaning of its. It's a way of expression, convicted through your mouth, the words in your language of suspicion over strange issues occurring in our day to day lives. I hope you guys lived a part of me, and it's not that I am an idol, you don't even know me, it's wonderful to explore how others do manage their tasks in the SCREW GAUGE scenarios. I hope you don't ask the meaning. GoodBye!! CHeeSE ;-)


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