India-Australia Test Match 2012:Day:1,2(Spotlights)

Hello, welcoming you all to the comment segment on the ongoing India-Australia match being played at the Sydney Cricket Ground(S.C.G), scheduled from 3Jan-7Jan, but I suppose the result will be out before the winding up of the 5th day, if conditions in the same fashion prevail about. Indian spectators guaranteed about Sachin scoring his much awaited 100th Test ton, and creating a history in his own segment of new records. But it seems as if the God is making us wait for some more time. He played good shorts but was bowled out after an inside edge of the bat inclined the fast ball's direction on to the stumps, dwarfing the hopes' and heavy aspirations of Indians' but making the Aussie hopes of getting him early accomplished, and Oz were all beneficiary getting whole Indian line up end on 191 all out, except a gentleman, the Captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, remain not out at well played 57 runs.
The Australian team lost 3 quick wickets in an array with the classics such as David Warner out for just 8, a meager score. Zaheer Khan tortured all three wickets in succession, and it was the time of the rule of the 'Ponting Era' and the not thought off' Clarke Era'. The days play was on stumps at 116 for 3 after a windfall of 37 for 3. The two senior players, the former captain and the captain at moment handled the situation well and are truly worthy of good praise.
Day-2(116-3 Aus)
The men in blue thundered the fastest deliveries but those couldn't match with the high spirits the two heritage players. New heroes such as Ashwin, the spinner were disappointed with no wicket having struck. In little a time, Ponting remade his lost glory by scoring his century score with Clarke following in same suits. Ponting played amazing shots and seemed no fearful whereas, Clarke gave way to runs as an indomitable spirit, making the efforts of 11 odd players useless, but he was himself confining his own destiny runs, he not only scored his highest against India but leading forth he confronted with a double hundred leading the side and leading from the front as a captain. Ponting was out after new ball taken by Indians', and Ishant Sharma's high pitched ball took his wicket in a flaw. Hussey came in the middle order and kept on the magic since his first ball when he smashed a technical four off Ishant Sharma's very next delivery after last wicket. Michael was paving his way to his best runs of career, which will be worth remembering by being not out at 251, until the day's match was over. Mike Hussey scored his fifty in the due time.
Aussies have a well fledged lead of 291 runs after they scored 482 for 4. Let's see what happens tomorrow? And will Sachin light it for everyone? And will Michael spring his triple hundred or more, there's more to game to see, fluctuations happen in game's always. It's still game of 3 days to go, there's hope India, no wonder if really less.


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