The New Year

The Web Vast Exploring
This time unlike earlier were not many greeting cards' exchanged, whereas the web takes hit, when easily we avail our Christmas presents and the new year greetings, on web. Earlier days our relatives, close friends sent letters by post and those letters had a small message usually, describing about the celebrations and festive season, today we are not that excited to find everything which earlier sent waves of enormous joys, on our e-mail ID's or social networking sites. We have grown more social and have made the web stand as a forum to discuss one's personal views regarding any public matter, and that too can lead to controversies. We are free in a sense to feel the goodness of versatility of social media, our technology has manifested our new born needs, and we all are flowing in the same waves, we are more concerned to put our viewpoints and this is called freedom, starting from "Freedom of Speech".
The Celebrations
Worldwide people pray for a prosperous and successful new year, as it's not just about a digit which changes to 2012 for next 365 days, but our expectations which reign, which rise on. People party, and few party while visiting temples, and starting the year on with the holy place, with God. The spiritual powers which gather in a place called temple are the blessings of hundreds of devotees, who have power in their prayers and all together these prayers captivate in us, passion to rock the new days. On new year resolutions we look fore with the blessings of the almighty. May this year bring with it, affection of vast multitude. Good Luck! Happy New Year 2012~~!!


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