Who was guilty?

Since last few months, every morning, a drive to college makes me follow a road; a left turn towards Delhi's, Golf Links; a road called, Arch Bishop Macorius Marg! A traffic policeman, strictly stands on duty there; as many people coming from Khan Market nearby don't follow the red light on that particular road. He stops an auto but the auto walla doesn't stop. The traffic policeman follows him on his bike and catches hold of him and gets him a challan. I am particular of that road, because he's always there from morning till afternoon.

Yesterday, I saw him in the news, throwing a brick on a woman driver, it's a shame on his being a policeman. He was to protect, but he was the culprit.
The same evening, I hear that he is no longer a policeman, not even suspended; he got what he deserved, he lost his job. He's sent for 14 days in police custody(jail). The next morning, I read; he makes to the newspaper front page. All National Newspapers have a news on him.

Delhi CM, meets the woman with her family members. He tells her, that people who are corrupt should be punished, and he couldn't put an end to corruption himself, he needed everyone's cooperation. She's made a hero!

The case!
A video taken by another driver captures the policeman throwing the brick on the lady. It also shows the women abusing the policeman, whereas he's not abusing her. It shows that she throws the brick at first on him, he does unfortunately the same. Yes, he's the culprit; but what about the lady? Is she so sincere enough to be made a hero? With her spewing expletives, with her not paying the challan or with her breaking the red light, with not having original papers which the policeman sought, by breaking traffic rules of more than two people on the two wheeler?

Now, an audio recording from the policeman's phone tells, that he didn't ask for unfair money, he kept on asking her for her paper's or the challan amount, whereas she used foul language at him.

Due to this incident the policeman was beaten by people who surrounded him and the woman. His 27 years of police service stamped with corruption, the police officer who had caught a serial snatcher gang back in 1990's.

This is the democracy! No one speaks for rationality. In this case if he's a policeman on duty doing such an offence of throwing a brick on her, and if for that he can be sent to jail; why can't the woman be also given lessons, other than making her a hero for breaking the rules and her behaviour? Also, the policeman only asked for challan, he wasn't thirsty for any unfair means of money! His mistake and a big one, was of throwing the brick back at her.

-Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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The policeman got bail from the Supreme Court the next day; after the article was published, and went viral on internet!
Thank you, The Logical Indian for this!


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