Few recent works of art!

Wasn't her memory enough to you,
That you visited gardens and parks,
In the awakening of summer days,
Remembering her more and more?

In these summer days, I don't remember her alone,
It is our meeting that brings upon my face the smile,
The smile which is relieving me of all the fears,
She gives me the faith in my songs,
She tells me that she's there with me, in my walks.

It's not only a remembrance alone,
It's the meeting of the sunlight lovers.
Call it under the tree shade,
We look up to the grace and shine of the leaves and the trees.
We celebrate our existence, existence of our love, these fruits around us, beauty it is. 


A wish, A dream~

He: Take all of me, my heart, my dreams as you leave this world.

Give me all your wishes, for I will bring them to light, to reality shall I compose them.

In doing so, I shall meet you again dearest love. In the completion of your wishes, shall sound my peace and satisfaction. It would be the togetherness of us, our bond shall be never broken. Please tell me your wishes.

She: My wishes, are naught any than to spend my last breathe with you dearest love. In doing so, I shall get everything I would ever wish of. Can you give me, 'you'? Your time and your dreams? I know I shall soon be distant, far; but who knows, even in that distance, I shall only fulfill your dreams. Maybe, there is still some life left in me, if I have your dreams with me. Maybe after death is another life in love of you. You're my heart, and you should be happy, to make me happy. So, don't be sad; don't cry. For, we have led our story of love, and it shall go on forever, ever strong. I love you and to love you is my only wish. I hope you understand.

He: Yeah, I do. I love you too, to the moon and back! Yes, our dreams and wishes are the same. Our togetherness is my only dream, my beloved!



Freedom of dream~

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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