On woods and the open skies

The sky is open,
The winds are free,
Thy sight dearest Sun,
Is so heavenly.
Dearest moon, thy lute,
Thine grace be so optimal;
When every appearance of the world,
Is as charming as a pearl,
In its simplicity and attitude,
I find my joys in the residual.
I look, I glare my eyes,
Well set upon the symmetric lyre's,
The winds, the blaze sighs,
The conversation of nature wires.
This glance is utmost essential,
This response is fulfilling, I swear.
The hidden patches of my intense,
Glow and find their meanings incense.
For what was unknown is now known,
The tryst to knowledge is likewise sown.
I go on writing, my heart out,
In this rhyming scale, I am found.
Life, oh dearest life whisper,
Thine sentimentality, thy wishes,
Shall one day fulfill if thou respect the nature,
Of thine own behaviour,
By respecting the existence,
Of the vivid creations,
Thou shall find company in thine cordial being,
The world would yet again glide,
Rise and entail a new flight,
Of affection, togetherness, that shall spring.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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