a dream that was, and that ended.

i was dreaming, 
then i saw her face,
that glittered as she saw me,
it was her soul,
dancing in the sea,
asking me for all the love,
while, i denied her,
of what belonged to her.

it wasn't that we didn't love,
each other! but simply, 
that it wasn't in my hands,
i was fearful, and it wasn't,
in her hands, 
because she couldn't,
make me understand.

it was tough time in short,
for the two of us.
winds flashed in the meanwhile.
then, out of my reverie,
out of my dream,
i looked at the sea.

there i found the sun,
gleaming back at me,
with a powerful face,
of consolidation,
over my lost love,
of which, i could only get a glimpse,
in my dreams, while,
i kept my glance at the sea. 

gagandeep singh vaid


  1. Beautiful <3
    ~ Ritika

  2. Your words seem alive. Beautiful it is. :)

    1. Thanks, Prachi!
      Feels good to hear!
      Really motivating! :)

  3. some poems are written, some are articulation of emotions and there are very few which come from soul, are articulated with hearts guidance and are a mirror for imagination and peace. I think this poem belongs to the third category.
    Pleasure reading!
    Cheers! :)

    1. Dear Devyani!
      You read my mind and heart.
      That's the way it was meant to be.
      Thank you for your love and encouragement! Your words are gem! :)


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