Happiness, this journey of Artist Address!

Something, what I wanted to share,
Something, that made me smile,
Yeah, I know not, what was in this number,
Yet, was it capable enough to make me,
all the more cheerful and happy!

I know not,
what happiness like this,
means to me,
but it certainly made me remember,
all the times past I have had,
with this blog that I have maintained,
for five years now!

It gives me immense happiness,
to confess that, I believe half of these views,
have been made by me only.
Yet, the other half has been the love,
of my friends, who have given their time,
to this page by paying it a visit.

I don't know, if this page means anything,
to anyone else than me,
but to me, it's one of the greatest,
support system.
This I say because,
I know, when I am sad or when I am in glee,
I come here, to share;
all my sentimentality!

It is, as if, it's always here with me,
when even the people I called friends,
have parted, because that's the real life,
people have their own dreams, like me,
their own priorities, and there's
nothing wrong in that.
Still, there is a special feeling every night,
when I sleep! It is of the presence of this,
wonderful page of mine, this blog,
I have lived with for five years now.

Now, the term 'years' and the number, 'five',
appears to me of little value,
yet it's of great value,
because of this time that has passed,
that I have spent in the beautification,
of this page or blog that I call it,
I have recorded every emotion,
every feeling of mine over here.

That, every failure I faced till now,
has its reflections here, right here.
That, I can see back and read every post,
that I think was responsible for turning me,
into who I am today in my abilities,
in my lesser or more capabilities!
That, this bond, shall keep on forming,
till the time I have this blog with me.
If anyone would ever ask me,
what would be that one thing,
that I would like to keep with me forever,
then it would be 'you',
dearest page of mine!
Day by day, I have just fallen in love,
in love with you!
I can't thank you enough for being,
this special to me!
:) You define my presence,
my being~

With love
Gagandeep Singh Vaid


  1. And this shows how passionate u r about ur dreams... the day is not far wen u write a bestseller... :)
    Thank u for sharing the page with me :D
    It is special to me and I would all I can to make it better.....
    ~ Ritika

    1. Ritika, you don't know how much does this mean to me. I know you're there; thank you, for helping me achieve this dream. And it's not my dream alone, it is our dream and we will make it come to reality. Peace and love! :)

    2. Yup, we will make it come to reality... :D :D <3
      ~ Ritika


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