You're my dream~

I long to be as sweet,
As you are Dearest!
When your eyes,
Would peek into my eyes,
I would find comfort,
Of the greatest value.
I won't ever wish,
You to take off your eyes,
From looking at me.
I long to be as sweet,
As you are Dearest!

Your being is enormous,
Like a fire within of you.
The raging, the settling,
Disputes and difficulties,
Are all there hidden,
Within you, your heart.
Your wisdom adds jewels,
Your dreams cast love,
It's all in your mighty presence,
that I can feel this vibrance.
I just wish to be with you,
As long as the journey,
Let's us be together.
I wish to dream, see life,
long enough a distance,
with you, just you.
Oh, dearest! Don't leave,
my side,
you are my love,
my dreams to me!



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