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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Love in the air~

I like to get ready,
To visit places;
To interact,
To laugh and giggle.
I like to be myself,
When no one stops me,
Of what I like to be.
I like it,
When she tells me;
What all is right for me,
That I overlook.
I like it,
When people inspire me,
With their life stories,
Of dedication and honesty.
I like to look into her soul,
When she is bashful,
To look into my eyes,
Yet she giggles,
Making room for our love,
To prosper and be our guide.
I love it, when she talks,
Of the things she likes,
I like it, when I look within;
My soul and find the answers,
To my living.
I love life,
Thank God for every moment,
You give to live, to breathe.
Your lover,

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