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The brand advertisement which really striked me is, Amazon India's recent SUMMER SALE CAMPAIGN. Their hashtag #aurdikhao and#whatteydeal really intrigued me. This is for two reasons, the first one being the usage of a very catchy and also familiar name to Indians, as they go for shopping. This not only represents, the mindset of the customers, but also the people who are the target audience of Amazon in India. The second reason for me liking this campaign is because of its creativity and implementation of their respective idea. They have come up time and again with newer advertisements on television, and those have asked people to do certain tasks in a very politely and affectionately(like given them a task to download the Amazon application on their mobile sets, in order to avail additional discounts and offers). Needless to say, people had started enjoying the advertisements because of the relativism attached to them. People could relate to it, when random people from the crowd were shown dancing, using the dance steps of their own creation and frenzy. To me, it was a reflection of unity in diversity. (Also their objective to increase the SUMMER SALE ON 6-7-8th May). Interestingly, the advertisements were put all day on television, even in between the IPL-2015 matches. This itself guaranteed a greater number of audience to know about the summer sale at amazon.

After getting a lot of competition from the Indian websites like Flipkart and Snapdeal, in India amazon's name came after these two companies. To sustain in this competition, amazon had to come back strongly and that surely meant good marketing. Amazon's very idea of summer sale was different from the usual sales wherein Flipkart and Snapdeal participate.(That is, Diwali sale or sale on festivals). Also, amazon is a twenty-one year old company in this line of business whereas Snapdeal has entered into its fifth year, and Flipkart had entered in 2007 in the online selling scene.

This picture in itself says volumes and connects to the Indian customers. Also, few other tag lines have been shown on their website which bring laughter and make the customers happier. In a way, their faith in the company comes back with this relationship over internet with the customer that the company forms. These tag lines are, 'Arey isme aur variety hai kya?' , 'Show more colours in this pattern.', 'Jo saamne pada hai wahi de do.' These are real life lines and brought out artistically, with relevant pictures attached along.

This campaign wasn't only striking to me or the Indian customer and fan base of amazon but it showed its results after the 6-7-8th May'15 's sale volumes. So, it was well done! Amazon!

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  1. I find this new ad highly irritating :-P

    1. haha.. i agree, it may get irritating! that's the marketing strategy, to reach the customers!! :)


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