In my dreamland~

That feeling that fulfils,
That feeling that submits.
Within my heart,
Penetrates the song,
With lyrics, of love and beyond.

My attention is sought,
In my books, in the pen,
With which I write my songs,
Description of my dreams.

Now, as I go further on,
To read the sentences of the poem,
In my exam that comes tomorrow,
A smile invades my cheekbones.

Love, love is all I breathe,
Jolly mood is what I read,
Over the sculptures,
Of my wishes, I prolong,
This walk that I lead on.

Bid me farewell for this night,
I go on reading what is bright,
For my senses to feel their shimmer,
and for my career to learn,
Some very good poetry!
Wish me, happy studying!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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