Which is the best college in Delhi University?

It was a hot day in the month of May and I remember it vividly. I walked into the prestigious St. Stephens College, with dreams so high that said, “one day I will make my name, I will grow from here.” No, I am not a student of St. Stephens College. It was just a way of motivating myself before the 2013 cut-offs were released. Anyway, I tried my bit by asking the College authorities about their criteria of admitting the students in an academic session. I had scored 91.75%, which were really less in comparison to their headstrong cut-off lists.

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Soon I got to know that there were no admissions under Extra Curricular Activities in St. Stephens College. Students were admitted on the basis of their academia, although there was an additional quota for sports students to get admission. For that, students who applied had to be exceptional. It’s because every student wants admission in St. Stephens College, which is one of the most sought after colleges in India. I walked out of the college and visited the other Delhi University (DU) colleges, in the North Campus. Every college I visited brought a smile on my face. Every student in Delhi wants to study in the North Campus colleges. Bonta Park near the University area adds to the delight of students and the famous Kamla Market, is the favourite spot of hangout for all college students. 

Gleefully I filled up the ECA forms of all the colleges which were situated in the North Campus. There was enthusiasm, a lot of energy and optimism. I felt so much connected to Delhi University. I was fascinated with the roads, the bricks and the walls of college buildings. It was a pleasure to spend time amongst other admission seeking students who had also come to enquire about the admission process in DU. 

 When the first cutoff list was announced, I was overjoyed when I saw that my marks matched up with Dyal Singh College’s cutoff list. Dyal Singh College is an off campus college of DU, and I had qualified for English (Hons.) course there. I reached the college the same day but things did not go as I had planned. The cutoff list that said 85% marks meant it for Humanities students whereas I had studied Commerce in 12th class. For me the cutoff was raised to 95% that is an additional 10% for commerce students. I was disheartened, but at the same time I had ECA trials in other colleges, including at Dyal Singh College (DSC). In some colleges, I was disqualified, after I didn’t have enough certificates for Creative Writing (ECA field, I was applying for). In some colleges, I reached Round-2 and interview. But, finally it was the calling of Dyal Singh College, that selected me in the ECA trials and I became a student of Delhi University. 

My father told me it was alright to study here and at the same time presented me with a thought that I could anyway opt for migration the next year. So, I had no issues. One day, I met a senior from my department who talked to me regarding our college. She said something which I will never forget. It was, “You spend one year here, and you won’t want to leave it. It will make you fall in love with it.” Her words were appropriate, and today having spent two years in DSC, I am in love with it. Every day, I find myself closer to my dream, every day being a newer day my college motivates me, to walk up the ladder of success.  

I have found that wherever you study for that matter, you always find your own group of friends. In college we meet people from all walks of life and they inspire us time and again. It is like an awakening that a person finds in the faces of newer people, whom we meet and who eventually become our good friends. These bonds of friendship go on forever and make us remember the beauty of college life. For when we would look back at college, we cherish the times spent with our friends, our teachers and the funny as well as incidents which saddened us. Overall, we learn lessons to lead our life with strength and faith in ourselves. 

It doesn’t matter which college you get admission in. What matters is what you do for your college and for your dreams. So, don’t be sad if you didn’t get into St. Stephens College or any other college of your choice, because your CV may only show a high ranked college, but your dedication and efforts to follow that passion only give you, your identity. 

So, when the question pops up next to your mind, “Which is the best college in Delhi University?” then listen to your heart, because your college will be the best for you. One may be judged for which college one studies at in the first appearance, but life isn’t about one appearance. It’s a journey, well a journey of conquering dreams. 

The first cut off list of Delhi University is expected to come out on 25th June this year.   

All the best!


Gagandeep Singh Vaid


  1. Went to a DU college last year with the same thought that everything would turn out fine, dropped out within a month... I despise that college from the bottom of my heart! It ruined my whole year :(

    1. oh, that's really sad dear. i wish, that's not the case with most people. :(


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