Your touch, my love

Hi, dear soul of mine.
Days pass by.
Dreams come alive.
Your eyes,
like breathe easy,
when there sounds peace,
day is warm,
the breeze is daisy.
Then, you miss,
your days you spent.
In someone's love,
i will again dream.
I will propose her again,
i know, she will agree.
In these years as i fade,
with age,
i grow in feelings,
i grow in her love.
We spent years,
held each other close together.
we had our story,
we had our heartbreaks,
we healed each other.
we are dreamers,
she in heaven,
i on this land.
we glimpse each other,
hello and goodbye,
in every breath we take,
in every walk we lead,
she in heaven,
i on land.
we beautify our bond,
of love ever strong.

Gagandeep S. Vaid


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