I saw you deep in your eyes,
You were bashful, as you smiled.
In a moment, a feeling passed,
From nothingness, it felt abundance.

You came closer, as we shook hands,
That was the first time we met.
I had slight idea, that we connected a mile,
Be it in the warmth that we felt,
Or simply, a soothing joy to watch you,
While you held my hand a moment back,
Oh, it had felt that closeness,
Yes, you can call it solace.

As the moments passed across,
He asked me for a dance in that hall.
He held my arms, walking backwards,
As I stepped towards him,
He didn't leave me a moment,
Yes, he could feel the symphony.
The brutal honesty, 
With which we longed into each-other's eyes.
That evening, went to become the lightening,
Of a torch, that I call love with all of my heart.

Since that day, till today,
We have been into love,
We dance to the songs,
We create our music,
That's the beauty of our bond.
Imperfection few had said,
Was in our taste and likes,
But, in love we always grow,
This is the wholesome energy,
Of these rays and this light.
That it has transformed,
The two of us, in fulsome delight.
We are glad we met,
We shine together like diamonds,
We interact in the peaceful demeanour,
That the face of a pearl expresses.
We are special, intoxicated in the breeze,
Of each-other's love, that we grow,
As the seeds of the lightening,
Of love in this world.
In love, we become artists,
We become innovative and creators.
Yes, we are those,
Dreamers and lovers on the Earth.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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