Hello Diary

It gets tough for me, to submit to the deadlines. Deadlines to send the article that I am supposed to write. Then, there comes the part of Editing, which I leave up to Microsoft Word. Sometimes, I can't give my best because my moody nature has to correspond with the deadlines. Then, there come judgement's and more than judgement's, the criticisms.

If you ask me, if I am hurt during this time? Then, I would say, more than getting hurt, it is about learning something everyday. But then, don't you think that few things which people tend to preach us about, we already know that they are to be done? Don't we ourselves realize them, that we have to be told about them, every time? Yes, I know those things are to be done in a given manner and you know what, it is about 'time'. One can manage time perfectly and maintain a good state of mind. But, I am just a beginner in all this. I have to learn to 'chill', as my friend's tell me to.

Also, that I need to not be too much wishful-as to gain everything, and every hall of fame. I need to wait for the right time to come. I need to stop, wait and close my eyes; being jobless, I have to celebrate myself. But, congratulations Gagan, you have a job. And not one job, but many jobs, that make you realize your dream in a manner. That you get towards your dream, one step at a time.

By learning newer ways to write, you tend to create your style and give your writing a 'pitch', so that it hits the bull's eye. So, until I get back to you again, I bid you goodbye, and pray you to be with me throughout, giving me the strength to 'focus' and 'chill'.

Always yours


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