Doctors at Government Hospitals Hold Indefinite Strike

The resident doctors of the Central and Delhi government hospitals went on an indefinite strike on Monday. This is the first time since the coming of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi that doctors have gone on an "indefinite" strike, in the Capital. The last time they called upon a strike was on 27th February, but it was a one day long strike. The government had called upon a meeting with the doctors' association. This time, it is "indefinite" as the government doesn't seem to adhere to the demands of the doctors at the earliest.
The doctor's at first raised their issues to the central government by writing a letter to the Prime Minister and the Union Ministry but after being given a blinds' eye, they had no other way out- other than calling upon a strike. This strike is in all the 20 government hospitals of Delhi. Around 2,000 resident doctors have been on strike since Monday. 
The Delhi Chief Minister spoke in favour of the doctors. He said, that his government will give take all necessary steps to solve the issues and demands raised by the doctors. The demands of the doctors are related with better safety standards for them in the hospitals. Other demands are to get better drinking water facilities in hospitals and easy access to generic medicines in the hospitals. 

According to sources, the “temporary” doctors at government hospitals receive their salaries very late. Such issues which the doctors face on a regular basis should be addressed as well.
In the wake of the monsoon season, the climate change may lead to rise in diseases amongst the people of Delhi. The hospitals in this regard, need to have adequate generic medicines and clean drinking water. The strike of the doctors should be called off so that the health of patients who are waiting for treatment doesn't further deteriorate. 
The demands of the doctors' association aren't inaccurate in any manner. Safety measures need to be the top most concern for the government. In the recent times, militants have attacked the public places. The safety standards that the doctors are asking aren't merely for their good alone but also for the wellness of staff members in the hospital and the thousands of patients visiting the hospital daily. 
For instance, there are no security checks in many government hospitals. In hospitals that have security checks, those aren't adequate. Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital has security checks at one entrance gate whereas on the other entrance gate of the hospital, there are no security personnel on duty. In this case, anyone can walk in the hospital from the second entrance gate. Due to this possibility, the security check done at the one entrance gate loses its value. The government needs to be strict, when it comes to safety of the hospital and the general public from terror and mischief.
Good health of the citizens of India is very much needful for the growth to happen in the real sense. As it can be said, “a healthy India shall only lead to a prosperous India.”
Gagandeep Singh Vaid
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