What time is it?

What more can I say when my mind is out of pace? Yesterday, I thought the day was Saturday, whereas it was Thursday. "Moving so fast or are you left still in a mental condition/dilemma where you walk a different mile?" I questioned myself!

This very situation makes me remember a chapter I read in one of Robin Sharma's books, where he described how it wasn't an urgency to wear a watch in one's hand every time. That, it wasn't important to pick up every call on your phone, because telephone or technology for that matter exists for our convenience, not to drive ourselves out of it. Similarly, don't just keep on reminding yourself that today is Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

Yes, I very well understand this that in our everyday lives it is important to keep a check on the date and time considering work and assignments. But why not try setting yourself free of all the boundaries constructed around you? "Take some time off and give yourself time for expression." This is the statement which I keep on reminding myself whenever I feel a little disoriented from things around me. Yes, that is mental peace to me; now whether I forget the dates or time, there is sun coming up every morning and the moon adding the solace to the night. That is to tell us how magical and wondrous this world is, and what part of the day we are living in!

Through the many actions performed day and night, there is some rest needed by the mind. Give it what it asks from you. Because in the long run, giving your mind some space for fresh air (relaxation) shall be good for your well-being, health and happiness. 


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