Snippets of the Mind (20/06/2017)


You could feel lost as much as you feel found like in life a new awakening seeps in. There is not much to think than responding to the situations around. Some people see challenging phases at a young point in life while others see these phases later on! Some achieve greater things at an early age while others see struggles before settling. Everyone takes one's time in short, and that is the spirit. They say that "believe in the process, it will all be alright."

Then there is a thing about belief. Every person needs to believe in the potential of one's dreams, to see things happening likewise. Another inspiring thought goes like this, "if there is a will, there is a way." There could be instances that you don't reach those heights where you had been aspiring to reach, but that doesn't mean that you lose hopes. Getting to the top of your aspirations should not be how success be defined. The process is a beautiful thing, so it should be lived with an open heart of exploration and learning.

Here I wish to write some poetry.

"At a certain height stood the branches of the tree,
They saw the passersby dancing with the breeze,
Dear ones got together, spent time walking,
and the branches only said, oh how we wish!
While the little boy playing underneath had the dream,
to learn how to climb the enormous tree."

Standing at height doesn't mean you cannot fall and the lowest times don't mean they would last forever. Everyone sees good and bad days, moments, incidents, etc. A few days back I had been hospitalised and the patient at my next bed who had a shoulder surgery the next day said to me, "if we see all the good days, then who will see the bad ones?" I believe that positivity is another indicator which makes us stronger. Because there is nothing to fear for the worse to happen because good and bad times are all part and parcel of life. It all flows like a dream we see in the sleep. At times very vibrant, at times pressing. But that doesn't mean that we stop being happy or forget to smile in that one moment of the day, which is funny!  

For sure writing all this in a peaceful place is easy, but then it is easy to keep the hopes alive too. That's how we progress, isn't it?

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