Friendship of adventures!

Today I write on a blank page all white,
Your eyes were to me paradise,
I remember!

The man who came running for you,
Knowing what you went threw,
That man I remember!

Friendship was a gem, I thought,
We were its keepers, I sought,
The promises I remember!

Today, when I wanted you to hear,
Over the special bond shared,
There was a tremble!

No words, no answers,
But I don’t want to judge here,
For this is the time to unshackle!

The so called bond didn’t exist for real,
Lay empty the fears,
But the emotions unsettle!

Yet again, you dismissed me friend,
How much more could I bend?
So this time I forget and stir.

Staying in the past won’t do any good,
Walking to a new tomorrow into the woods,
Is my next adventure!


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