A Winner in Us

Words know not, your eyes said the glory;
no, I’m not talking about victory but a girl’s story.
Sweet when she acts herself,
explaining the child in every sense.
Yes, now as she has won the hearts,
there would be all appreciation and claps.
Well deserved is the love,
you have nailed it, as would a dove!

Now, the time has come my friend,
your words have the might and strength.
As you said, “we can change the world,
yes, we are those gems, very bold.”
But you’re a winner for those millions,
those who sleep sans food, those Indians.
Those women who face many crimes,
and stay quite. You’re a hope, you will raise their voice.

I don’t want to sensationalise this more,
Not to burden you with responsibilities;
but to tell you, that be you. Nothing more,
for you are yourself a believer in miracles.
The ones which we humans have the aptitude,
to do. That voice has to be you!


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