A Sober Move would be..

Sympathy can be a matter of few weeks or months time, but in the longer run, there is a question of time! How more, how long do you need that help and hand of care, this is asked with open eyes! You cannot say, I'm sorry anymore. Your answer has to be real, which clarifies their doubts. Can't be an emotional fool anymore for this world is not just cheese and butter. There are those phases which don't melt easily but carry the thick feeling intent! That is the question of time and its results. Because life without valid results is a life directionless, and such people are said to be losers in the world of achievers and position holders. 

There has to be inspiration that one needs to derive from one's daily actions! And believe in them. Because, otherwise there is more and more room for sadness and more depression streaming the blood which otherwise was meant to be healthy, rich and pure. Remember that no one would understand you than you! So other than writing this get set to your work because that is what defines who you are and future. Isn't it? Ask yourself the next move which is required than wailing over a situation which could be a better and positive reality!


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