Snippets of The Mind! (21/03/2016)


What is this emotion? Why is this emotion?

Why am I not behaving normal, and what is being normal?

Such thoughts come to my mind time and again. I feel incomplete yet I don't want to make efforts to bring things in order. I just wish to breathe free but I cannot—that is what problematises the situations for me further. I like this order of things, i.e., no order at all. All haphazard like, and nothing definite about life in my sight. 

I think Meditation can make things easier for me. I think I need not think too much and not go diverse ways, but at this age I cannot be so logical. Or even if I need to be, I don't want to be. I want to explore the reaches of my being, I wish to see diverse regions and search what is the best for me. 

I wish to see what I see in the wild pictures, I wish to roam around the places which make me wonder, and I want to be of help to those who are far away or nearer to me. Distance doesn't only interest me, it is the very idea of exploration which does. Whether nearer or farther I would like to live wholeheartedly. 

"I would like to know her better, I would like to hear her views about this world and then finally I would hold her in my memories. We would be good friends, and this journey of making friends, making acquaintances would continue time and again."

What I find very problematic is the very thought of getting stagnant and not moving. I think moving on in life is really a fulfilling decision and experience. It opens the gates of learning for a person.

Passion, zeal are the words that define the life of this traveller that I ought to become. Being a traveller I not only mean going to places, meeting people but I also mean to enhance my skills at what I am best at by spending time with myself, contemplating all my lessons of daily life. I should keep on growing and be everlasting (or even try to), and not lose midway in the crossroads of life. 

I have to keep moving and see a better person out of myself everyday. For that would mean success to me, eventually! And to drink that bit of success everyday is what fulfils the soul with beautiful pearls and enchanting ornaments. 

A Traveller

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