Snippets of the Mind! (02/03/2016)


There are commitments in life, and then there is commitment in different forms. One is the commitment that we make in personal life, and one if the commitment which we make in the professional life. In my view there needs to be a difference between the two and if two friends are working together, then they need to follow a different relationship at the work-front. 

The next important topic I want to talk about in my article is, values. I think values can't be taught but should be felt. I feel, values need to be there in the real sense of the term; for the goodness and wellness of this world. I feel so!


There needs to be that space within our hearts to accept the other person as one is. Not to completely let that person over rule you, but while you give that space to breathe to the other person, that person should also provide you with that space. It has to be a mutual thing and if it is not, then there is nothing happening right between you. There has to be a creation of that equilibrium that you are seeking to create or build. Work on that if you wish to lead along for long. Otherwise it is very easy to change directions and find our own place in pursuit of happiness. 

Peace is after all the most important thing in life. If you don't get from somewhere then better leave that place for good!


Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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