My watchful eyes for you

I think I had known you,
Even before I heard your voice 
for the first time-
I think I had seen you

When I say, I had seen you-
I never mean that I saw your face,
What I mean is, that I felt 
your touch,
in the pearls of wisdom
which generated in my heart,
whenever I sat alone or was lost,
I found you sitting next to me.

In my good times-
you were my companion,
In my bad times-
you were my optimism,
For, companions can often
support us in following
a wrong path- where we are treading,
but optimism would connect us,
to humanity.

I had to figure out
right or wrong,
I had to figure out
who I was?
And your presence
gave me all answers,
helping me form a bond with you,
a bond that is faceless, 
yet has the most breath-taking persona,
a face I try to find through the light
and resonance of the winds,
in this fast moving world,
I long to meet you,
and tell you that I respect you the most;
and searching you,
I fall in love with every voice,
every person, every day.

Maybe I can meet that companion,
who is also an optimist,
and is my lover
from the time I was born;
I look back, I look in the present,
and a peaceful slumber kisses my soul to rest,
only to dream about you further on..

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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