Words Are The World

I remember, what I would say in those days. 
I would say,

"Yes, the words are less,
Yes, the words I hold for you in my heart of hearts,
Those words, are less.

How much should I tell you,
When my words don’t let me say?
How can I but not express to you,
When you are my night, my day?
But you know, like I said,
My words are less, my words are less.

I know, I should not complain,
I know the sunshine I saw,
For you it was disdain,
I know, our thoughts were never same.
I know, that six years were less,
Lesser to say to you,
What I kept hidden, just for a day,
When I would say, and you would listen.
That day never came, 
do you know why that is so?
Because, the words were less."

Then finally one day, 
I picked upon my dictionary,
and that day you know I slept,
with open eyes.
For that day, I learnt a few words,
three of them being, “I”, “Love”, and “You”.
Yes, you heard it right, “I”, “Love” and "You”.
That night I cried, yet the sentiments
made me believe, the power of those words,
and finally I had a powerful vocabulary,
I had learnt what I felt.

Words weren’t less,
Words were powerful!

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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