A Heavy Heart For The Nature

Who doesn't know, the present circumstances,
the continuous wastage of resources,
the showcase of ill manners as honking on roads alive,
to throwing dirt wherever one likes to,
I ask, who remains unknown of these facts of life?

I heard to introspect was a good option,
The dreamers of the utopian world,
I question you in all my senses,
How longer do you think,
Are you following your very road?

Do you take any actions on your own,
or you wait for the government,
to bring the much needed change,
when you see the reality of life,
in front of your eyes!

Pollution, pollution,
not enough good air to breathe,
air, air—oh, is it poison that I heard?
I think I must be right,
for that is what stands in everyone's sight!

I wish to breath, live in this city,
but do you think, is the condition this easy?
Well, if you want to bring the change,
then you have to start from yourself,
Isn't it? I plead with a heavy heart for nature!


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