Snippets of the Mind! (22/02/2016)


Who are you what defines your identity, is one such question that I have been asking myself for a long time over and over again. I like to dance on my own tunes, I don't expect an audience to see my dance, for it is what I do for myself. I like to sing, although I wouldn't ask for an audience to listen to my songs. I want to write, and this time I want an audience that talks to me. For the many roads that I followed in my life, at the end it was writing only that took away my heart. This is a field where I do not compare myself with anyone else, because like in arts—everyone has one's different artistic approach to go about understanding the subject one is working on, given one takes that field seriously. In dance also, or in any form of art this can come into view. There are competitions to find out the best competent out of a group of artists. There is nothing wrong in that I feel. For winning or losing doesn't make us better or worse. What it does is to for sure boost up our morals and confidence level but when we lay in sadness on losing, it is that loss only which should inspire us to keep on going amidst the obstacles. 



People are unimaginable in their view of the world, no two people can ever be same. In this regard can I say that everyone is an artist? I think so that every person has one's own mood, mood-swings, own way of dealing with stuffs popping up in their lives. What really brings two people together in this world of complexities is a level of understanding. It is very amazing on how these two people  can sort out the differences that remain between them. That meeting point is like a spiritual connection, what sets the world for these two people as a beautiful journey. They make memories, become close friends, support each other and their presence strengthens them. They become soul-mates to each other in short. That is beautiful, isn't it?


Gagandeep Singh Vaid for Artist Address

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