Snippets of the Mind! (23/02/2016)


Be those the passages of the heart or be those the rhyming scales. Altogether knitted together I had my soul asking me several questions. But matter of factly, the soul was questioning itself. So it had to answer itself as well. The difference of my soul and the 'me' had to be sorted out. Or moreover why was it, that I was trying to mark the difference between the two if both meant one only, that was 'myself'.

My soul and 'me' questioned their individual identities and then agreed on being just 'myself'. Nothing superior or inferior when life is like a boat while I sail in it incessantly. I sail in my thoughts, in my reactions, my reflections over different issues, concerns which form their presence around me.

The questions I discussed about already so far, are dealing with my past, present and my future. In order to find their answers I hit many junctions, and the hunger doesn't descend but only perpetuate and grow. In finding these answers I find a side of me which I had little thought about. These sides form me, and tell me how close I am to my dreams. For in the end of the day what I always find is, the importance my dreams have in my life.

I am following these paths, in quest of my dreams and they are responsible for the person I am and the person I am in the becoming!

Snippets for Artist Address
By Gagandeep Singh Vaid

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Cheers, and live freely!


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