Diary or MS Word? What Do You Prefer?

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Yes, times have changed. Yes, from notebooks there is a switch to the usage of technology. I will type my thoughts and frame them, the way I think appropriate. But often do I give a thought, over how powerful social media is for that matter. For the matter of, penning down one's thoughts. The very 'irony' is, that the keys have taken the form of 'penning', and 'handwriting' has taken a form of 'fonts'. That's how I can sum it up, yet proudly I can say- there is no harm in it. For, the very idea behind technology is not to create a disturbance in our lifestyles, although it has become out to be one barrier leading to many kinds of disturbances.

I remember a time when my school teacher in one of her lectures commented on how technology was good till a point one could make use of it in a positive manner; "the day, technology starts making use of you, then the idea of technology takes a backseat," she had said.

"Do not let technology sit on your minds, that you take form of robots. I do not want my students to behave like human robots. You are meant to go out in gardens and playing fields, to take in cool, calming, soothing breeze- and also exercise and keep your mind and body fit and fine." Said the teacher.

I like to talk to my friend on whatsapp, I like to 'Like', my friend's picture on facebook. Sometimes when I am writing, I feel how less is my knowledge of words. I use the same, simple words again and again while I write, while I speak. The reason behind it I can say is, that I have stopped learning.

In a recent talk which I attended in Delhi, I listened to an author saying, "I would rather read a novel, than spend time on social media for seamless hours and get nothing out of it, other than stories about my friend's picnic or his selfie." He was said to be a lover of difficult words, when one of the panelist shared his thoughts about reading the author's book, when he had to keep a dictionary next to him. The author used many difficult words in every other sentence.

One can say that abiding by good knowledge of words, doesn't set a parameter of one's intelligence- but personally, I wish to learn newer words daily, to have command over the language well. I consider knowledge of more and more words in good light, as that's the manner one can cultivate skills and use the right word for an instance. There are many other places where one needs to cultivate the language, for example- grammar, sentence construction, etc. In my view there are different dimensions to learning a language- and to keep doors to learning open always, keeps us motivated and cheerful.

In the end of this article I would say, wherever you write (Diary or MS Word)- that's not the problem. The problem is when you stop learning- and waste your time sitting online, doing nothing productive. At that time you can do lots more- by reading books or what interests you- like movies, sports, music, dance or whatever is your calling. 

-- Gagandeep Singh Vaid
for Artist Address


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