The Last Walk With You

Picture Credit: Pritam Singh Vaid

Your name is wisdom, while my name is sacrifice.
Your name is a vision, while few call me malice. 
You're referred as a gem, while I am called clogged water.
You're beauty, while I am considered a half cut tree.

I tried to build you, while you tried to take it away from me.
The dream which we once shared was lost amidst,
Our ego's crossing each other's heart, mind and soul.
Where once I had thought of a journey long,
You left me in between, to count the distance across.
You're far, while I am water hitting the shore, in the waves.

I think I tried too hard to be yours, and that only separated us,
And became the reason why the dream which once we shared,
Is bereft of any value, care or affection. You forgot,
how it needed me too, as much as it needed you.


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