Your smile, for all miles~

In a journey to understand the blossom in your eyes,
I not only found solace but also you and me,
We both lying in a state of unknown,
At the time when we were to depart.
People were nostalgic that it was an end,
To the college life; few were celebrating.
While we cried in each other's arms,
We had known, it was our last meeting.
She said, we will meet again,
I knew she had been lying upfront.
She would soon be wrapped into social boundaries,
While I shall be a free bird.
She a lady with the scarlet in her eyes,
Me cheerful with her smile and times we spent,
Our affectionate picture curbed in my eyes.
We kissed the last time,
In the walk of the gardens of bounty,
Kissed the spirit of dreams,
Which had brought us together,
And were stretching us apart.
It was the day, to be the last meeting place,
Until I realized that I had been asleep,
Dreaming, and she was sleeping next to me-
My wife, my happiness and every dream.
I told her in her sleep,
We are together forever-
For the times of the breeze,
We shall fly as free birds,
And lighten our skies,
Fulfill our wishes,
Complete our togetherness,
Love each other's eyes' and smiles.


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