On Faces And Disposition 8.)

I thought, that he was someone whom I knew. Well, whom I knew very well. I thought, he was the same man. 

His eyes, his face structure just as the man I saw in my dreams. But, he was younger, this man I saw on the train looked old. This man with grey hair, whereas the man I see in my dreams has black hair.

Somewhere, my dreams of childhood had been saying me that; hey, we have turned old. But needless to say, the sight of this man; made me interact with my childhood dreams. Dreams which greet me even today. I just saw the dream walking in front of me today. The man, appeared to tell me; he had a real existence. I saw that dreams and the characters of those dreams, are real.

Or maybe, it's just a state of mind.
Sometimes, what I have seen; I feel it happening in front of me, as if I have lived it by myself. People call it deja vu. Have you been inspired by any incident or character of your dreams as well?


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