Bhelpuri Lover!

What do you want to eat? ", He asked.

"Bhelpuri, maybe," she answered.

Her cheeks turned red and her hands were shaking. The shame of asking for a dish that's so not hep, that's so not pizza and that's so not costly. 
Cheap people eat cheap things. Right?

The boy smiled.

He went up to the Bhelpuri stall and asked him to prepare one. The boy woke up and stared at the customer.

"Is this really happening?", he wondered.

Anyways, on a winter evening, on a summer day or on a rainy afternoon, he was always there, hopeful yet hopeless. With the eyes of a hawk, he craved for customers. Alas! Some, he had.

Honestly, if you want to eat something that's beautiful, erotic, mouth-watering, healthy and cheap ( the price, okay?), don't think twice, go eat Bhelpuri.

A big bowl or container, so many namkeens, so many colours. A plastic spoon and a plastic plate. A lot of love and a mid-day meal. A hungry stomach and happy mouths.

When you take the Bhelpuri and so many spoons, when you share your food like you share your love, when you give happiness to a poor under-rated fellow, when you give happiness to yourself, that's the time when you eat BHELPURI.

It is a such a beautiful dish and so popular at various places. Then why do some hesitate to stand and eat it ? Why do some, with their mouths watering resist and not have one?
The question is Why?

It does not make you fat. It does not make you sad. It does not break your heart. It does not eat you back. Then why resist?

Maybe you don't like it. Maybe there are some who eat it. Maybe there are some who care too much. Maybe some are too class conscious. I hope you are not one of them.

If you have never eaten one, please do. Contact me, I can bring you one anytime. I love to spread happiness and BHELPURI is happiness.

You can prepare it at home too. Take some " murmure", chutney , namkeen, onion and tomato. Mix them up and that's it. Beter than Maggie any day. It won't form a cyst, it won't kill you.

That person who prepares the BHELPURI, look at his face sometimes. His happiness when you approach him, his happiness of earning mere twenty ruppees in a day are evident on his tired face. He must be so happy, I think. He must be so sad, I think. Mixing those colours and smelling that aroma, expecting arrivals and monotonous days, failures and love, days and nights.

Humans can't love you, BHELPURI can.
Humans can't make you smile,
Humans can leave you anytime,
Humans can throw you away,
BHELPURI doesn't mind being thrown away.

A friend once told me that cooking is an art. It truly is. If words give you power, food gives you life.

You can eat it, relish it, smell it and fall in love with it. Trust me with BHELPURI, you won't fall in love, you will rise in it. Everyday.
And it won't complain.

And you know what's the best part?
You can adjust the spices, you can adjust the chilly, you can adjust everything. Just the way you want.


Written by,
Shruti Shukla


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