The world fell apart.

Your eyes hateful,
My heart 'dreamful',
Your pride, your ego,
My life, my smile.

When did we clash,
Why did we clash?
Questions range,
and hit my wisdom.

When I thought, you a friend,
you proved me wrong,
my feelings, amounting less.

I still came by you,
to tell you, we were friends,
you asked me not to be,
around you. I left.

One day, you called me,
you wanted to meet me.
I was overjoyed,
burdened less-
at last I was to meet my friend.

You came, and the time I saw you,
the next moment I was ridden of sight.
It was an acid attack, my friend,
and again, you proved me wrong.

Today memories arise in mind,
those of the times we spent.
Until the day, you expected,
and I had to decline.
After that things changed,
we were not the same.

Eyes yet again look at the moon,
the stars greet me,
no one is here to praise my smile,
my looks are dampened,
and the light falls upon me.

Yet again, I remember us,
and the next thought of you,
gives me reasons to hate you,
but can I do that to my friend?
No, but I cannot forgive,
that thought which occurred to you,
of destructing me,
not merely my face,
but my soul, and us- two great friends!


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