Dear Diary (20/11/15)

Why do I not work properly when being in a team that I start expecting way too much from everyone.
In this manner, there is no need to work with anyone if one's attitude is like this. Like mine!
I think I work fine when I work under someone, and not when I lead. Leading is difficult when the work does not go, the way you had planned and that is actually when the need of a leader steps in. A leader who has the ability to contain oneself and one's frustrations and outbursts would only be able to manage a team.
I think these qualities of a leader lack in me. So I like it better, when I can do things my way; it is better to lead your company than an institution or someone else's company for me.
The day hasn't been that sweet to me, but it is how it was meant to be it seems. To be in this tight spot, where I am both stuck and afloat. Well writing eases me, gives me a sigh of relief.
Good night.
Take care and thanks for being there for me, dear diary.


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