Thoughts on myself, a learner

I could never wear the mask of what I wasn't. Whatever I was, I was the most happy in being that!

I would definitely try to be a better person, when it comes to organising, managing my tasks. I love to exercise to get my physique in shape, I love to spend time with the kids whom I teach on weekends sometimes. I feel that the pressure at work of the whole week gets dissolved when those little kids smile back at me. I feel a small walk while the sun is up, gives me the greatest peace. To find my grandmother waiting for me everyday, gives me reason enough to consider myself the luckiest!

There are small joys that make me human, and act humanly. Otherwise, I might have been a negative person, someone not understanding the meaning of myself, my life. I wish to reach heights, but with this journey, that I can call mine. 

I don't want to cheat on someone. While at work, I want to be smart. I am learning, that makes me happy enough!



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