I wonder why?

Life, in a few words would be like “a storm, cool breeze and a picture of a person sitting with eyes settling at the sky above.” There is not much to say, but a lot to hear and feel. It would be like listening to the composure of the winds, watching the beauty of the landscape and believing in the never ending adventure that lays in front of that person.
‘Silence’, is appreciated. ‘Smile’ is always reciprocated. ‘Love’ has its own fine language of purity. Deep thoughts pop-up, realizations meet you, many roads appear to you, yet you wait for the right calling. You connect with the calmness of the lanes, the play with the animals, the deep talks with fellow wanderers. You are ‘who you are’, a unique identity, trying to make some meaning out of this so called ‘life’. The one which has no beginning or end, it is a long journey, about which you never contemplate when it all started or shall end. No, I am not talking about the time you were born, but simply when the realization started seeping in; regarding what your goal in life has to be. This process starts unknown of the time when, and till when it would last, no one knows! Given the curiosity to make things look better and gorgeous.
I have found that there is no fun in being alone, yet there is every happiness in being alone. I have found that being in a company of friends is an enriching experience, you learn people skills, you see world from a broader perspective and moreover, you are not alone. There is a back of people out there to hold you in pressing times, yet always being your support system. Remember, the love of your mother, your father, your family? Heartfelt, unconditional, isn’t it? Different times in our lives, see a different us. Sometimes, it feels good to be just at your own, while at times, the company of your dear ones is what you know, you will treasure forever.
People have a great impact on who we become, given our interactions, our behaviour, our habits, our nature get affected in volume with them. Sharing experiences, lessons is an additional factor which makes us stronger and confident as never before. So, think a little more about your passion, and be proud that you can call it own. “Own what you love, and it will grow. But always remember to share, whatever positive you have.”


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