"Actions and Realities, How Close Are They?" Chavi Kala writes!

People say that you need him to live on. They say you are nothing without him and he is anything but incomplete without you and this is the irony dear world: We tend to give a large chunk of ourselves to a person who is anything but constant.
We are left with a little part of ourselves to move on if that person leaves just like others do and then we mockingly try to brush away this self guilt of giving a part of ourselves to others by saying the very famous "change is the only constant" , things change, times change, people change and here people like me are there handling this shit of changes as if its just a mere day to day chore for others.
Well, I tooo want to get rid of this thing as soon as possible so that I can strive for something better but then my emotional quotient is not as same as yours. So what am I supposed to do?
Cry on? I could have done this had the world been less critical of this act as a mere attention seeker and had this world respected feelings of people; in this busy life of ours I don't think we have a single moment to ponder upon our deeds and mistakes and subsequently getting caught by this urge to mend things so that things get better if not perfect.
Well I am not saying that hey dear world, come on let's go on streets and find people and console them and help them but indeed we can be a bit careful with our daily actions and make this world a better place to live in. 
P.S. I couldn't resist the very same mainstream ending so apologies. xD


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