Few Words of Necessity!

Why did you have to behave this way as if, it is least of your concerns? It was unexpected of you, but now I feel I should stop expecting from people who were acquaintances to me—if not good friends. Why does one take something for granted just because it is accessible very easily? If you did not have to put in efforts to get in this club, this does not mean—you would not put efforts even now? You have to show your presence, in a positive manner and not in a contradictory, negative manner.

If a person is advising you, it does not mean—you have to stand adamant. We are not expecting anything from you other than completion of your work on time. Because you are running away from your responsibilities. If you have a lot of work, it does not mean others are sitting free—without any work! You have to understand it. And if you are not able to understand or bear with us—then you are free to leave, than merely being there—without putting any serious efforts to make things happen. Believe me, it would be much better. You would get your time and we would have to deal with serious people only.

If you cannot listen to others—what do you expect to learn, I ask you? You give excuses which are not at all permitting because those are in your language LAME! Sorry, I am using this word—even when I don't understand why and in what sense you use it—but as it the new cool to use this word—I feel that this situation is the same.

It is seldom that I am very much frightened by this attitude. So, all I would say to you is—either take your responsibility—or let us take ours and take further actions to let smooth functioning of the club.

Thanking you
Your friend!


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