A Chocolate Treat To Cherish Forever

A ChocoOze Ride!

Many a times, when in sadness or in glee—it is often said that chocolates are the best company. There was a time when for me, the meaning of a chocolate was a "sweet and sugary" item to eat. The delicious item was something for which girls longed, and people greeted or gifted one another with. Researches say, that chocolates are great "mood lifters". 

A Jar Full of Love

To be very honest, I would say— my chocolate fantasy started when one fine morning in college one of my friends gave me a yummy chocolate treat. It was after ages that I was eating chocolate. I remember I replied to her— "Drishti, can I have one more piece of this chocolate?" She instantly asked me, "Hey, which flavour did you try?" I was confused, since I was not aware of the flavour's name much. I said, "It was in the pink wrapper." On hearing this, she stared at me with grave expression of amazement. Maybe, at my innocence or my foolishness, I don't know. She said, "So it was Hazelnut chocolate! Right!" She smiled and gave me another piece of it. I was a fan of this chocolate. "So, which brand is it Drishti?", I asked with enthusiasm. "It is Chocooze!" She responded.

In fewer days, there was a stall of Chocooze in our college festival. The students responded with open arms to Chocooze—the best part being the great range of varieties one could find here- from "Chocolate Bottles" to "Chocolate Bouquets". A blend of creativity is sumptuously imbued in these chocolates. Depending upon one's taste and what style the customer likes, one can select from the "Chocolate Taj Mahal", "Chocolate Palette" and "Edible Printed Chocolate" amongst the many options available. It was when I scrolled through its website that I learnt more about different chocolate flavours, and their description excited me. We can get the kind of chocolates we need, with our messages for our near and dear ones imprinted and designed over them. Chocooze is a hit not only on festivities but all year long, due to its wonderful client relationship and feedback. The testimonials on their website, will leave you thrilled and make you pick up your phone and place the order right away!

I got a chance to talk to the founder of Chocooze— Ms. Komal Spall who proudly calls herself a Chocopreneur. She has built her chocolate brand with all her heart and dedication over these years. She is a professional writer, who devotes time everyday to her passion of making handcrafted chocolates. Her brand has been listed on Zomato and many other websites have covered her brand's story as well. One of them is, "Being Homely"!

Artistic— is the word to define Chocooze, as starting from the first sight of the designing and packaging of chocolates, a lifelong affair with chocolates begins for you. This is how it happened for me, that the definition of chocolates changed and chocolates mean only Chocooze to me now. 

A smoothly escalating brand, it is suiting the taste-buds of newer customers everyday. It is not easy to take care of everything especially when you are running a brand alone. But Ms. Komal Spall has managed it pretty well—with humble support of her family and friends. She understands the psychology of her customers very well, and the best part that I find about this brand is that these chocolates are priced very economically. I remember, I tried Rum & Raisin chocolate piece for just Rs. 15; believe me, you can make anyone's day special and sweet easily with chocolates from Chocooze. They even deliver chocolates at your doorstep, all you need to do is to call them. Now how convenient does it sound? Much, isn't it?

Having said all this, I would say— there are few choices and preferences which remain with us forever, and have an impact on us. This experience is one of them to me. I am ever proud of calling myself a fan of this chocolate brand. I would suggest you to visit their website and see for yourself, for what variety appeals to you the most. You can thank me later! :D 

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Written by, Gagandeep Singh Vaid
Edited by, Aishwarya Anand for Artist Address



  1. 😊😊 aww thank you so much, this is beautiful ❤️. You made my day. 👌👍 loved it.

    1. It is my great pleasure! Keep up the good work and I am sure, Chocooze will keep growing and spreading the love!

      Best wishes,


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