Introspect, Ask Yourself; Was This The Reason We Started This Initiative?

Sometimes your heart is not really at peace, yet it has to seek for peace. When you are not happy with the things happening around you, but you want to let it be- you don't want to create any more disturbances. You feel that sometimes things get better by their own. You feel that sometimes, silence will make things better; but does silence really work? Don't the voices around you, tend to rule on you when you are silent? But then it comes to me, and I say, "let it be". I always feel that respect is what makes a person perform the best.

Respect not for who you are, but respect for what you do or you have done for others and for betterment of either society or some condition prevailing around you. You don't ask for power or post in anything, knowing that these things for Namesake can create differences amongst people, and especially when you have your friends with you. Giving someone regard doesn't have to mean that one person becomes the ruler of others. It is just a manner of acknowledging someone's efforts to achieve something. So you would also expect the same in return from your friends and co-workers.

I heard someone say the other day, that don't let friendships affect your work. I felt that it was rightly said by that lady. But my point was to give chance to everyone and not just let your company work in the same manner, the other companies work. We were different, we had to plan out a structure differently and not give in to using the same as of other companies. If we do, then where does our goal or aim get achieved? Where? Nowhere I feel. To take a plan of a well established company is a good idea but at the same time, there has to be an essence which is different in your work culture. Otherwise people would join the already established company and why would they come to you?

There has to be something which speaks volumes. That something has to be the factor which differentiates you from the rest and makes you proud enough of yourself and your team that you created that difference in the working culture. The focus from the aim and goal should not get hidden in tryst to become famous, or in tryst to become a talk of the town. You have to take care of the people who give you their time, who work for you- seeking your response. And believe me until and unless you understand their power, you won't achieve anything.

Accepting their energy and powers will make us, our company even powerful. So if you want power being in the writing, publishing business than you have to love your readers, and people who send in entries for publishing. To try out something different of your new found enterprise is not a bad idea. To stick to an old plan followed by others may sound a safe harbour but in the long run, mind me- if you have to stand out, you have to make your presence felt. You have to get out of your comfort zone, and try to reach those horizons or heights which aren't yet achieved by people.

Never become so proud of your deeds that you forget to respect those people who stood for you, who stood for your company, just because they got silent at a time under pressure from all of you. If you think they are nothing to you, then let me tell you, the power you are seeking in your company is already lost. Because the presence, advice and suggestions of people who were there since beginning forms the soul of your company. Even if they talk nonsense, still that "nonsense" would have experience behind it.

Introspect, give a thought- and yes, don't fall prey to accusations within your own harbour. Don't let your company dwindle easily to rising ego's against your friends or each other. Because it would otherwise lead to bad memories for you and others. The goal or aim which you were to achieve won't be achieved unless you give a view to everyone's thoughts before forcing yours on anyone.

Life is to learn, make sure you make it worth it.

Gagandeep Singh Vaid


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