Unleashing The Power Of Introspection

Right from the very beginning in life, one knows that life is not to be led doing nothing. There is a lot one has to do, in order to live it in a mannered way. But yet again, what 'manners' are according to me  'good manners' might differ from the thinking of different individuals. From my point of view 'good manners' would be to stay in harmony, and to keep on finding whatever you think connects and clicks to you the most—in terms of your goals. This has to be a journey of innate self discovery where you may find obstacles from point to point; but that does not limit your potential, rather strengthens you on the other hand.

By 'good manners' I also mean, being an ethical citizen, and abiding by the moral duties which you should abide by being a citizen, or simply for humanity. I mean to comment on your overall wellness, which also says that, 'you should not drink and drive' and you keep yourself in limits and be acceptable in the society. These may be referred as the societal standards, moreover following the code of conduct, that says that you 'you do not indulge in road rage' when you are on the road driving. Causing harm to other fellow beings, is something what breaks the collective conscious of being 'good mannerly'. 

A newborn child when opens ones' eyes, the first thing the child does from the very beginning is to observe the surroundings and the reactions of people around. These observations become lessons to remember and save in one's brain, and somewhere are responsible for the manners one inculcates and brings in action in the times to come. Being patient or impatient, few people might say is to do with one's stars and sun signs, "ki rahu ka vaas hai isme", etc. I think it is also to do with the manner one is brought up, the cultural exchanges one goes through, and the experiences one gains in one's life—that a person responds in a given way. It is how one adapts to the world and forms one's mindset and opinion about it's working. The manners keep on changing with the times as well; as one gets the hang of how things function around. For example, if a person does not live in harmony or is not polite to people; then people would most likely be not comfortable working with him/her. Now the need to imbibe patience in oneself gets manifold to fit in the system or culture of society. Human existence sees mood-swings, merrier and sadder times. The times keep on changing, and there is a switch which permits those changes to happen.

There are many experiences which one gathers in life, starting from feelings—which unknowingly cling to a person's intense, and maintain a hold on the reactions of that person for an indefinite period. Some people cannot save themselves from drowning into depression from time to time in their lives. They might not be 'some' but 'many' people. The nature of sadness and happiness crisscross everyone's lives—so anyone and everyone is prone to depression. There is no rulebook which would teach you how to not get trapped into it or how to get out of it. The best rule for near and dear one's of the person who is depressed is to talk to him or her with an open heart. By sharing pain and the tormenting situation with the depressed person; it would help in easing the sorrow and provide comfort to the heart of the person.

There are many ideas needful to be introspected upon, and to think of what 'manners' mean and what being 'patient and impatient' is all about—and how it helps in the understanding of one's life, through one's own vision and sight after introspection.

There are greater roads to be followed, but the one to your soul, and it's understanding—appears the most reliable of them all to follow.


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