The First Poetry Slam at Madrigal 2016

In the second edition of Madrigal, today I performed at the Slam Poetry Competition in my college. It was a memorable event, where around 20 poets performed including me. I liked the manner the audience does not clap while the poem is being recited; rather they snap their fingers and it creates a lively resonance so grave!

Every poet brought a distinctness with one in one's poem. From funny, to sweet, to sentimental to mesmerising to the ears; the poetry slam today, just made it a special moment to remember for me at Madrigal 2016.

I also participated in Spin-A-Yarn competition, where I think, I was responsible for making my team lose as I made the story which was to be so unrealistic, and unbelievable. Haha! Well, the audience in small numbers laughed at my pitiful situation, where I was sad for my team.

I think, this year Madrigal has improved in many ways, or maybe in all the aspects. There is an organised team, which works being divided in departments yet united in force. There were more number of sponsors this time, the gifts were better, the decoration team worked on similar lines to last year. There was a food stall by Pizza Hut and one by Red Bull.

There is one more day, i.e., tomorrow—the second day of Madrigal'16. Tomorrow is mostly the cultural event's day. The beautiful aspect is, the CosPlay, which is very much interesting. Looking forward to it, and surely towards an event to remember forever in our lives.



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